Our Essendon & Coburg campus are full for 2018, however parents are welcome to put their child on the waitlist should any vacancies become available, which does happen from time to time throughout the year. 

We are also currently accepting registrations for 2019 and beyond for both campuses. 


* Please note: Children can commence classes on the date that they turn 3 years old and do not need to wait for the following year to commence at Northwest Montessori *


 Completing this form places your child on the waiting list for the Essendon and Coburg programs. It is not a guarantee of a place. Please ensure you provide a valid, current email address.   

The fields marked with an * are compulsory


1. Information about the child

2. Information about the child’s parents/guardian
3. Information about brothers/sisters who have previously attended Northwest Montessori PreSchool

There is no guarantee that you shall be offered your first preference and offers of places are made according to date of registration, however the Preschool does give priority to children whose siblings are currently attending or who have attended NWM and have fulfilled their contracted period.  It is important to advise the Enrolment Officer in writing of any changes of address or telephone numbers as soon as possible.  If the Preschool is unable to contact you then your child’s place may be forfeited. 

Each Registration Form must be accompanied by the Registration Fee of $120 per student.  Registration will ensure that your child is included in the pre-placement registration at the Northwest Montessori Preschool.  This fee is non-refundable and does not confirm a place in the Pre-School.

Registrations payments can be made by the following options:
- Via cheque made payable to Northwest Montessori and posted to P.O. Box 401 Essendon VIC 3040.
- By direct transfer to the account Northwest Montessori: ANZ Bank, BSB 013-162, Account 222244991, Ref: Your Surname


Please complete this form and send with payment to:   
            The Enrolment Officer
            Northwest Montessori Preschool
            PO Box 401, Essendon  VIC  3040

Your registration will be acknowledged by return mail.

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